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4 Life Fitness Studio Changes Lives in Greenville, South Carolina

By Paul Rowe

From pageant competitors to stay-at-home moms to CEOs, 4 Life Fitness Studio remains intensely dedicated to providing fun training experiences for each and every individual. 4 Life's success is owed to its inspiring owner Justin Bowers, a celebrated personal trainer who fell into the business by pure chance.

"I accidentally fell into 4Life Fitness Studio, just like I accidentally fell into personal training," Bowers said. "Several years ago, my mom had a heart attack: she survived, but needed to change her eating and activity immediately. Since I also had several pounds to lose at the time, I began taking college classes to educate myself so I could help my mother."

Bowers has since made it the enduring passion of his life to share his inspired vision of improved health with the Thornblade area. Eventually, 4 Life Fitness Studio's previous owner contacted Bowers to purchase the studio from here. Although the name wasn't originally Bowers' idea, Bowers has embraced 4 Life, redefining its mission and reinvigorating his community. Today, Bowers has given 4 Life Fitness Studio an identity that is uniquely its own.

4 Life Fitness Studio's mission is to create successful training programs specially tailored to individual fitness goals. Bowers and his team work day in and day out to come up with effective fitness programs with uncanny results that improve the fabric of a community one life at a time.

"We are all about finding the perfect workout to fit the individual," Bowers said. We don't do cookie cutter programs like most gyms. Literally every session I do has a different setup, tempo, and client goal. One session I'll be working with a stay at home mom, after her a retired grandmother that wants to maintain a better life quality, and after her, a college athlete that wants to increase his vertical jump."

This versatile client base keeps things interesting for Bowers. Each client brings to the table a very specific training goal, which keeps things interesting for 4 Life Fitness Studio's committed training professionals. Perhaps there are other gyms in the area that pursue similar training results, but one thing sets 4 Life Fitness Studio apart: Justin Bower.

"Last year when I was interviewed for a TV spot, I was asked, 'What makes you different than the other gyms?' I froze: I couldn't answer the question, and I actually had to think on it for a bit," Bowers said. "What could I offer that makes 4 Life Fitness Studio one of a kind? Finally, I realized what makes 4 Life different: me! There's only one Justin Bowers, and I'll continue to strive to be the best me I can be so that I can assist my clients in becoming the best version of themselves."

If 4 Life Fitness Studio produces magical training results, then Justin Bowers is the magician. His dedication, passion, and commitment to improving lives has ignited a fiery enthusiasm for fitness in the heart of South Carolina.

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