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Adventure in a Cup with Locally Roasted, Specialty Coffee

By Elisha Neubauer

If there's one thing Brad Mallett and his family knows about first hand, it's starting fresh. After ditching the high paced setting of the corporate world, Mallett launched Coastal Coffee Roasters, taking his appreciation of freshness to new heights, into the coffee world. Now micro roasting specialty coffees, the Mallett's are living their passion, sharing it with the South Carolina community since 2010.

So how does one leave the northern corporate world and wind up roasting coffee in the south? We asked Brad Mallett to give us all the details!

"Jacki and I were tired of the cold weather and the rat race of corporate America," Mallett explained. "So we convinced our children that it was time for an adventure." An adventure indeed, the Mallett's sold everything and moved to Summerville, South Carolina that year, looking for a change and a fresh start. "We both have strong backgrounds with customer service and coffee was a perfect fit into this next chapter."

With a little perseverance, the Mallet family found exactly what they were looking for and created a brand that, as Mallett explained, "Tastes as good as it feels." Aside from being their own bosses and being able to handle the business as they see fit, the Mallett's have adopted a sustainable, organic approach to coffee roasting. "We source specialty beans from around the world," Mallett tells us. "Our oldest Son Richard takes great pride in finding specialty coffees that exceed the expectations of our customers. Maintaining USDA Organic certifications as well as others is high on the list."

The Mallett's immediately fell in love with the community and the area of Summerville, but we were curious about how the community took to them- the northerners with the coffee passion. "We couldn't have asked for a warmer reception," Mallett reminisced. "We knew one family when we moved here and now it's like all of Summerville is our family."

To keep their 'family' pleased, the Mallett's strive to keep a revolving list of products, so as to never tire over one item. "From the freshest baked items out of our kitchen to the freshest coffees, we keep adding the freshest to everything and that's the secret sauce," he details. "But Community is probably our biggest draw. We want everyone that comes to CCR to feel like family. And enjoy coffees, teas, music and everything in between."

The family believes in small batch roasts, meaning your coffee beans are hand separated and roasted in small quantities, on an as-needed basis, when you order. This gives you the freshest roast taste possible, a theme amongst the Mallett's. For those placing an order on the website, your coffee is separated, roasted, and shipped almost immediately to ensure freshness.

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