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An Overview of Different Security Options: An Interview with Ryan Lochbaum of Consolidated Locksmiths

By Ryan Lochbaum

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

Our company, Consolidated Locksmiths, founded by a local locksmith, is dedicated to quality work and customer satisfaction. As a member of the North Carolina Locksmith Association and the Associated Locksmiths of America, and with over 20 years combined experience, our locksmiths are fully trained experienced specialists more than qualified to deal with all aspects of your locksmithing needs. We pride ourselves in not only meeting our customers' expectations, but exceeding them.

Can you please briefly explain the different security systems and levels available for homeowners?

There are many different security systems on the market today. Most security systems are very similar. They have things like door sensors, window seniors, sensors for broken glass, even sensors that detect carbon monoxide. What really differentiates one security company from another are monitoring fees and other sometimes hidden charges associated with monitoring. As a locksmith I would recommend a more secure home to stop a burglary before your alarm system is even necessary. I would recommend things like Jamb enforcements and installation of deadbolts and double sided deadbolts where necessary.

What is the benefit of installing a home security system, such as the ones you work with?

The benefit of installing a home security system is it will alert you, even in some cases on your smart phone, to any number of security breaches at your house. Anything from a gas leak to a critter to a burglar and it will let you know remotely instantly. It also alerts the professionals, such as the police, to the breach that has occurred.

For those who cannot afford a state of the art security system, what basic security features do you think are necessary for them to purchase?

When a deadbolt is within 18 inches of glass it always a good idea to install a double sided deadbolt because if a burglar sees glass on a door he may break a window to reach in an unlock the door. If he feels another cylinder instead of a thumbturn he knows that he cannot open the door to extract your belongs so he will leave. The worse you come out is with a broken window. A double sided deadbolt, even a good one, won't cost you more than $60.

How much maintenance and testing is required for a typical security system?

As far as testing and maintenance, as technology evolves so should your security system. Having a professional assess your security is always worth a service fee. Minor oversights in installation could result in a catastrophic breach. Something as simple as placing your data hub and back up cell transmitter in a concealed location will make the difference in a successful or thwarted burglary.

What is the basic process of installing a security system?

The basic process in installing a security system involves installing sensors (usually wireless these days) and installing battery and cell backup. So this way in the event of a power outage distress signals are still sent to the authorities. Or, let's say that the bad guy cuts your phone line, the backup will still alert the authorities as to what is happening.

What is the best way to contact you, and to contact your company?

You can reach us many different ways. You can call our service line at 704-307-8536, the office at 704-307-8536, email at or via our website as

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