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Designing Your Own Home: An interview with Kevin Reed of Kevin C. Reed Construction, LLC

By Kevin Reed

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

My company was founded in 2009. Prior to that I had worked as a building supervisor for production builders such as Pulte, Don Gallaway and David Weekly Homes from 1994 to 2001. From 2002-2009 I work as Director of Construction for New Tradition Custom Homes on Daniel Island, SC. When the house market put the company out of business I decided to go out on my own.

We have built the company from a one man show, working out of the house. To a four employee company with offices on both Daniel Island and Clements Ferry Rd.

Because I have experience in building everything from production homes to high end custom homes, we can offer any range of finish levels and price points.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Our company offers a number of services to both residential and commercial customers. Most of our business revolves around residential construction. We do new construction as well as renovations and additions. We also hold our Green Certification from the National Home Builders Association. On the commercial side we perform both commercial up fits and repairs and well as some smaller scale new construction.

Where do you suggest someone who is looking to design his or her first home begin?

The first two steps in beginning the design phase are choosing a site and setting a budget that is comfortable to the client. The price point and subdivision requirements will play a large role in who we refer to design the house. We use Allison Ramsey Architects out of Beaufort, SC for clients wanting to work with existing plans or looking for design ideas. We also work with a number of very qualified local architects and draftsmen. This decision come down to determining the style and type of home the client is looking to build.

Typically, what is the architect's involvement with the home-design process?

Once we have determined the clients budget and building site, we usually enter into a design contract with the client. Under this agreement I work closely with the architect and client as well as the structural, civil and soil engineers to design the home.

With our extensive code requirements in this area, including flood and seismic code requirements all five parties need to be very involved with the design phase from the beginning. From the type of foundation to the type of roofing material everyone involved needs to provide input.

What legal facets should someone who seeks a custom homebuilder's service be aware of, if any?

The first thing a client should ask for is to see the builder has the proper licenses and insurance. They can also check with the LLR ( SC Department of Labor Licensing and Registration), to make sure the contractor's license is in good standing. They can also see any prior complaints that have been filed.

Once the client is ready to sign a building contract they should make sure to review the contract and be clear if they are signing a cost plus, fixed price or flat fee agreement. The client should also make sure that the contractor only employees insured subcontractors. Lastly, they should confirm if they or the contractor has taken out a builders risk policy for the project.

Give us some insight on how an architect/designer thinks vs. how a homeowner thinks.

It is very important to match your client with the correct architect or designer. Everyone involved is often in a hurry to get started. Clients often do not have much knowledge as to what different building products cost. Architect can often be more concerned with drawing a home that stays in proper design for that style, than considering homeowner requests and needs.

Discussing the budget, style and scope of work in great detail before the project drawings start will avoid a lot of frustration and cost down the road. Often it is helpful for the client to make a list of must have items. The second list should be more wish list items. More often than not the project designs get to big for the client's needs and budget.

If you could give any outstanding advice for a homeowner who is employing a custom home builder for the first time, what would it be?

Spend lots of time and energy during the planning phase. Make sure what is drawn and materials that are specified is everything you wanted out of your new home. Making changes on paper is a lot less costly than making then in the field, once the project has started. Do your research and shopping for finish items like, plumbing fixtures, light fixture, cabinets, counter tops and flooring. This will insure that you can select the finishes you wanted with the allowances amounts in your contract.

The worst feeling for the client is to not be happy when the project is finished. The contractor can only provide the product that is shown on the drawings.

What is the best way for people to reach you and your company?

You can contact me via my web site at, or at . You can also call us at (843)-297-1123. We can also meet you by appointment at our office at 1925 Clements Ferry Road, Wando, SC 29492.

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