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Edmund's Oast Gathers Foodies and Craft Beer Aficionados Alike for Summer Fare

By Elisha Neubauer

Edmund's Oast is a company as unique as its name. Stemming from an English-born brewer, Edmund Egan, who transitioned to the Charleston area in the 1760s, the distinctive eatery is classified as a Brew Pub- an establishment which sells beer brewed directly on the premises alongside a small restaurant.

If you're wondering if locally, on-site brewed craft beers are enough to warrant an entire restaurant establishment, Cameron Read, Brewer and Beer buyer for Edmund's Oast, will shine a little light on the industry for you. "Craft beer in America has only really got its reboot post-Prohibition in past three to four decades, people are still discovering the expansive world of flavor, texture, and history it has to offer," says Read. "Craft beer has been around for thousands of years worldwide, and asking why craft beer has become popular might be akin to asking why any artisan-made food or drink product gains popularity- because it tastes good!"

According to Read, different parts of the US are being re-introduced to the artisan-crafted beers at their own individual pace. "Due to America's celebrated cultural differences region to region, state to state, and even city to city, different parts of the country are becoming educated to artisan-made, craft beer at different rates," he tells us. In fact, until recently, there were still laws in place that restricted or prohibited the growth of the craft beer industry.

"Only in the past seven or eight years (or so) have the laws in our beautiful state of South Carolina been changed to allow for the full spectrum of craft beer to be sold in the state and to allow for the financial viability of in-state craft breweries," Read details. "As our law and culture changes, so too does the awareness people have for what each respectively allows and promotes."

When it comes to product, Edmund's Oast only buys and sells beers that they consider to be interesting, unexpected, and of impeccable flavor, aroma, and appearance. "We try to keep the local beers on tap, as well as esoteric selections from around the world," Read says.

"Our house brewed beers are arguably the most popular beers that we sell if for no other reason than our restaurant is currently the only place in the world where someone can drink them!" While this may be true for the moment, Read informs us that they will be opening a large packaging brewery in less than a year that will offer distribution.

One of the great things about brewing on-site, as Read tells it, is that they can have several options available at one time. "A wild fermented, cognac barrel aged English-style Old Ale, a 13% ABV Triple IPA, and a light 3.5% ABV Mild brewed with tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation have all been house beer offerings at one point," he affirms. "The fun thing about our house made beers is that we are able to experiment a great deal because we have so many other great guest drafts on at any one time."

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