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Installing Custom Woodworking in Your Home: An Interview with Bill Hussey of Bill's Custom Woodworking

By Bill Hussey

Tell us a little about your company and the services you offer.

Bill's Custom Woodworking is a Charleston based architectural millwork shop which handcrafts doors, brackets, and entryways of all styles and sizes including: front entryways with special transoms, track doors, wine room doors, salon room doors for a boat, garage doors, board and batten style doors, and even a tree house door.

Can you describe what custom woodworking is, for people who may not know?

Custom woodworking is any architectural detail made of wood, which cannot be made on site or picked up off the shelf.

What are the most common things in a home that people want custom wood products for?

Doors and cabinets are the most common wood products in a home. If I did not want my customers to "just call Bill," I would have named my company- ABC Woodworking - Anything But Cabinets. Focusing on doors gives me the opportunity to control the quality of everything I make from plank of wood to final product. Our customers are looking for doors, which make an architectural statement, feel like a solid handshake, and add the warmth of wood. Custom woodworking is also good for renovation projects, in which a homeowner is trying to match new details with existing ones or trying to fit a door into an opening that is no longer standard.

What are some of the advantages of installing custom woodworking over ready-made products?

Customization makes certain the customer gets exactly what they want made especially for the space in which they want it to fit. Everything I make is crafted from solid hardwoods and not the thin veneers that larger companies use to lower their costs. Working with a custom woodworker you get what you pay for. If your custom woodworker cannot detail their labor costs and their materials cost, you should go somewhere else.

Does custom woodworking require any special maintenance or care?

Wood moves; metal rusts. With proper finishes custom woodworking often requires less maintenance than veneered mass-produced products. A local woodworker who knows your climate can match the best species of wood for your project's needs and can be certain your product comes with a quality finish and clear maintenance instructions- usually suggesting light refinishing every couple of years depending upon the climate conditions where the wood is located.

What advice would you give to homeowners who are starting to remodel/redecorate and want to install some custom woodworking?

If wood details are important to you, find your local woodworker by Googling woodworking, asking your contractor, or contacting local architects. If your search comes up short or your contractor/architect send you a catalogue from a large out of state company, call me.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?
Bill Hussey: 843-607-7115

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