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The Facts About Your Moving Estimate: An Interview with Hardy Auston of HD Auston Moving

By Hardy Auston

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

HD Auston Moving System has designed a unique moving process which meets the specific needs of each customer. The company takes pride in recommending service strategies and alternatives to make their customers' moves as pleasant and easy as possible, therefore reducing the pressure involved in moving.

Is there something important that people should know about getting an estimate from a moving company?

Estimates provide options and answers. A quality estimate will eliminate bottle necks and potential delays on moving day.

How do you calculate an estimate and what the cost to move a household will be?

Our estimates at best are an educated guess as to the actual time needed to complete a move. We base our figures on what we see on estimate day. Hopefully our customers will follow our guidelines and suggestions on preparing for the move. It is not our intention to mislead or use bait and switch techniques by providing a low estimate just to secure the business under false pretenses. We provide figures "as is" "where is", so that our customers understand the various options and the cost associated with those options.

The estimate is designed to provide a guideline for budgeting the move. Your organization and readiness are key factors in saving time and money.

Are there any extra charges could possibly raise or lower an estimate?

Additional services such as packing or packing materials can impact the cost of your move. Changes in the scope of a move will affect the final charges.

After people receive an estimate, what questions should they ask the moving company to make sure that everything is included?

Ask about movers liability, surcharges and taxes. Also, find out about the cancellation policy.

What advice do you have for a homeowner who has a limited budget but doesn't necessarily want to go with the company who provided the lowest estimate?

Organize! Label all boxes, have a floor plan, eliminate clutter, have walk ways clear for the movers. Clearly label items that will not be moving.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

We can be reached on the web at:
Our phone number is 864.269.0073
Twitter: @hauston

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