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The Humane Animal Removal Process: An Interview with Rick Hendricks of Rick Hendricks Pest Management

By Rick Hendricks

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I have Thirty-Five years experience in the pest control Industry. Rick Hendricks Pest Management, LLC was founded in 2007. Our company is founded on Family values and treating our customers with the utmost respect. We are a small business located in Charleston South Carolina.

What sorts of animals have you removed from homes?

I have removed many different animals over my thirty-five years, but the most common are rats, raccoons, opossums , feral cats , bats , snakes and a variety of birds such as chimney sweeps.

What is the typical reason/way these animals are able to enter the home?

Animals most commonly enter homes through HVAC lines entering the home as well as the gable vents and carnish near the roof line.

What is the process of removing the animal?

We typically remove animals by live trap .This trap does not harm the animal and it allows us to relocate the animal or find a home for it depending on the animal. In a bird or bat situation we would install an excluder over the entrance/ exit whereby the bird or bat could exit but could not re-enter. After the exclusion has been performed, we would re-visit the residence and repair the damaged area of entry.

What measures are taken to ensure the animal is not hurt?

To answer this question we would refer to answer #4 . We use live traps for the specific reason of not harming the animals.

Must the family evacuate the house during this process?

In most cases the homeowner can stay in their homes and conduct their normal routines , however it is according to the severity of the infestation. In most case the homeowner is aware that there is a problem and in turn contacts us which allows us to act quickly.

What is the best way to contact you and your company?

You can contact me by calling our office at (843)557-1055 or my direct line at (843)303-8544. I also can be reached by e-mail at or our website at

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