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The Ins and Outs of the Masonry Process: An Interview with Shane Gilchrist of Glichrist Masonry, Inc.

By Shane GilChrist

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a family based full service masonry company. My father started into masonry at around twelve years old, he is now seventy nine years old and still helping me. I had a trowel in my hand at 8 years old and have spent my life in masonry. We can put your footing and foundation in all the way to topping out your chimneys and laying your hardscapes for your landscaping.

What are some of the most popular masonry products for homeowners?

We still lay a lot of brick and natural stone. We do a lot of outdoor chimneys, pool terraces, patios, walks, and brick or stone veneer on the chimneys and foundations of houses. For brick, the Old Carolina hand made brick have been very popular for years. Fieldstone seems to be a favorite for chimney veneers and Pennsylvania Blue Stone for floors. Each individual has their own taste but I would say that these have been some of the most popular for years in the low country.

Can you briefly explain the basic steps in a new masonry project?

This is according to what type masonry job that you are starting. First thing is to find a reputable masonry company. Decide what you are wanting, figure your budget then plan and choose material accordingly.

What are some of the main decisions that a homeowner will need to make?

A homeowners main decision will be their budget, from there they can decide what type of material and job they want. This can include putting a concrete substrate under a brick sidewalk to setting the brick sidewalk on a sand bed or doing a prefab chimney to building a traditional solid masonry chimney. According to the job they are having done, there are always lots of decisions for the owner to make.

What's one of the biggest challenges when it comes to construction?

The biggest challenges that we run into are budgeting and scheduling. We really want to give our clients what they want but this is not always easy to do and still come with in the budget they have set for themselves. Scheduling in construction is always tough. There are to many variables that are out of our control. Weather, other trades, etc.

How do you help homeowners solve that problem?

In the budgeting, we try to give them options on material and installation techniques to fit their budget and still get the overall look and feel they desire. In the scheduling department we try to figure in for weather and also give prior notice to other trades for upcoming necessities.

Do you have any tips for homeowners about masonry design?

Get an experienced mason and get him involved with your architects and designers. The only limits on what we can do are usually only from a budget standpoint.

What's the best way for people to you and your company?

Telephone or Email us.
We have a website:
Phone: (828)-421-8269.

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